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5 Amazing Ways to Spruce Up Your Vanilla Protein Powder

Protein powder can be added to just about any food you can imagine, and there are endless flavour combinations you can try if you know how to take advantage of them. However, vanilla protein powder doesn’t get the attention it deserves, even though it’s one of the most versatile flavours on the market. Here are five ways that you can incorporate vanilla protein powder into your unique creations that will make your snacks and meals delicious, nutritious and fun to eat!

  • Add Nuts 

One of the best ways to spice up your vanilla protein powder is by adding some nuts. There are so many varieties and flavours available for you, like almonds, walnuts, cashews and peanuts. You can add them raw or roasted, as well as salted or unsalted depending on your preference! 

  • Add Fruits 

Adding fresh fruit such as banana slices, berries, oranges or kiwi fruits will spruce up your vanilla protein shake without the added sugars found in a store-bought fruit smoothie. 

  • Add Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is another easy way to liven up your protein shake. Mix in a small amount for added flavour, or use it as a substitute for sugar by adding it directly into your batter and blending until dissolved.

  • Add Grated Vegetables

Grated vegetables such as zucchini, carrot or beets are a fantastic way to give your vanilla protein powder an extra nutritional boost. It’s important not to use too much because you may end up with a gritty consistency.

  • Add Flaxseed Meal

Flaxseed is an amazing way to get your daily Omega-3 intake. Add it to your shake or sprinkle it on top of your food. There are no added flavourings, just a nutty and earthy taste with a slight crunch!

Benefits of Having Vanilla Protein Shake

If you are looking for a protein shake that is both high-quality and low in calories, a vanilla protein shake is perfect. It provides all the benefits of a regular protein shake with the added perk of being able to be customized however you’d like. The following are five benefits of having this:

  • Aids Muscle Growth 

One way you can customize your protein shake is by adding ingredients such as coconut oil, spinach or chia seeds to your blender before shaking it up. These ingredients will provide some healthy nutrients while also enhancing the flavour of your protein shake. 

  • Low in Calories 

It is usually low in calories which makes it an easy snack between meals or a quick meal replacement if needed without feeling too full after drinking it. 

  • Skin Care Benefits 

Vanilla beans have been known for years now to have anti-aging properties when applied topically.

  • Healthy Weight Control

Another healthy benefit of having this is that they are a very low-calorie meal which will not add too much extra weight to your diet.

  • Great Way to Gain Essential Nutrients 

Another great benefit is that they make a great way to gain essential nutrients due to their variety in ingredients. For example, many recipes call for dairy products such as milk or yogurt which provide calcium, vitamin D and other important vitamins/minerals. Adding fruit or vegetables into your recipe would give you even more health benefits. 

To sum up, there are many wonderful ways to enjoy them. You can make them quickly and easily with just three simple steps!  First, pour 1⁄2 cup of liquid into a blender and then add two scoops of it. Add any additional ingredients at this point (coconut oil, spinach, etc.). Lastly, place the lid on the blender securely and blend until everything has mixed together. Now that you know how easy it is to make these delicious drinks on your own terms, get out there and find out what flavours suit you best!


In conclusion, vanilla protein powder is a great way to supplement your diet with extra protein. It’s also a great way to get creative and add flavours to it. So, if you don’t have any ideas on how you want to spice it up, this post should give you some inspiration.

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