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Benefits of outdoor training

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Training outdoors has many advantages – it strengthens not only the body but also the spirit. Choose this form of activity and you will see how much you can gain!

Choose outdoor training!

During the pandemic, many people wonder how to keep fit without regularly visiting gyms or fitness clubs. The good news is that you can exercise even within the four walls of your apartment! However, there is no denying that training outdoors is much more enjoyable. There is a common misconception among beginners of all kinds of physical activities that you can exercise outdoors only at the turn of spring and summer. It is worth knowing that there are good conditions for training outside at any time of the year – you just need to dress appropriately. A nearby park, forest, lake – these are perfect places to get your whole body moving. What is important – you can exercise for free!

Benefits of outdoor training

Want to know why exercising outdoors is a great alternative to a gym membership or exercising at home? Read some of the arguments below! Maybe they will convince you to try a new form of physical activity?

Free training for everyone

Lack of free money is a common excuse among people who put off going to the gym from month to month. There’s no denying it – the cost of a pass to the gym oscillates around one hundred zlotys and is often connected with the need to make a yearly commitment. Exercising outdoors does not require you to spend any money, well, maybe apart from the issue of buying appropriate sportswear. Lack of funds in your bank account will no longer be an excuse!

You can exercise whenever you want

Choosing cloud training, you gain the opportunity to exercise without having to look at your watch. Are you a morning bird? You can do your morning workout even before sunrise. Prefer to stay up late at night? Exercise even at midnight! Sports stadiums, fitness clubs, swimming pools or gyms all have one thing in common – at a certain time the doors close and you have to go home. When you exercise outdoors, you don’t have to worry about any restrictions – you have a lot of freedom to choose not only where you want to exercise, but also when you want to exercise.

An excellent way to oxygenate your body

The forced quarantine that was imposed on us at the beginning of the pandemic cast a significant shadow over all physical activity. At one point we had to give up even driving in the woods and hiking on mountain trails. After such a long time of isolation and having to walk in masks that cover the nose and mouth, the human body is thirsty for oxygen more than usual. Nothing perfectly oxygenates every cell in the body like an intensive workout in the fresh air.

Harden your spirit – train whatever the weather

Regular visits to the gym require a lot of self-denial. This is because you need to get to the club, and traffic jams during rush hour on the streets of Polish cities do not encourage people to travel. As a consolation we can say that training outdoors requires even more mobilization. Being active regardless of the weather, both in the blazing sun and in the freezing cold, allows you to strengthen your willpower, which will translate into greater self-esteem.

What places to choose for training?

It’s important to realize that not every outdoor place is good for training. Any physical activity is better avoided in cities, when the air condition leaves much to be desired. The safest thing, especially in winter, is to go outside the city. Mountain paths, forest tracts – these are ideal places to realize the workout.

Training in the sun? Get your vitamin D!

Vitamin D is very important for the proper functioning of the body! Thanks to sunlight, our body absorbs it in higher concentrations. Remember that vitamin D deficiency can cause many unpleasant health consequences. Headaches, phosphorus deficiency or weakened immunity are just some of them!

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