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Healthy snacks – what to eat between meals?

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Snacking between meals is one of the most common diet sins. When hunger strikes, most of us reach for candy bars or crisps, which provide the body only empty calories. In today’s entry we present proposals for healthy, valuable, and most importantly tasty snacks good for any occasion.

Chips from dried or baked vegetables and fruits – for their preparation you can use beet, carrot, apple or banana. As they are prepared without the addition of fat, they are much healthier than the classic chips available on store shelves fried in hydrogenated palm oil. In one hundred grams of such a delicacy you will find about 300 calories. This type of chips can be crunched both during work and a movie. There is also nothing to prevent you from taking them with you on a journey.

Baked French fries made of carrots, parsley or celery are a great alternative to much less healthy potato French fries, which are deep fried. This type of delicacy can be baked with olive or rapeseed oil and your favourite spices. This is an excellent, healthy snack for people of all ages.

Vegetables cut into posts with sauce – this is another proposal for a healthy substitute for crisps. To prepare this snack you will need carrots, cucumbers, peppers or celery. They can be served with tomato, garlic or horseradish sauce, necessarily based on natural yoghurt.

Healthy snacks: raw vegetables cut into sticks + garlic, horseradish or tomato sauce?

Platter with sliced…

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Roasted chickpeas – this is a great substitute for chips or popcorn. It is not only tasty, but also healthy – because it contains large amounts of fiber and protein. Before roasting you can sprinkle chickpeas with any of your favorite spices, for example smoked paprika.

Vegetable bread with hummus – an interesting alternative to classic bread can be the one made of various vegetables. Its main advantage is that it contains a much smaller amount of carbohydrates. This will play an important role for people on a diet and those who have problems with maintaining adequate blood sugar levels. Bread will go great with homemade hummus – either natural or with the addition of your favorite vegetables, such as peppers, pumpkin or beet.

Homemade crackers – lovers of salty crackers can prepare their own healthier version. For this purpose you will need sesame, sunflower and chia seeds. Such a treat not only tastes great, but also provides healthy fat. Crackers will go well with self-made dip, for example garlic or tomato.

Homemadenachos – homemade snack of this type is much healthier than the ones bought in the store. It only takes a few moments to prepare. To vary the taste of nachos you can add your favorite spices, for example paprika. Nachos taste best with guacamole.

Nachos with salsa

Here is another idea for a quick, tasty and fit snack ? A perfect combination for New Year’s Eve ?


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Blueberrymuffins – these muffins are perfect as a second breakfast for school or work. You can add mushrooms, spinach or garlic to them.

Raisins – this is perfect for all lovers of sweet snacks. Raisins are very effective in satisfying the appetite for sweets. Additionally, they prevent osteoporosis, strengthen bones and reduce cholesterol levels. You should only remember to eat them in limited quantities – 100 grams of such a treat contains about 300 calories.

Apples – will be great for people on a weight loss diet. This is due to the fact that they contain a large amount of fibre, which improves digestion and gives a feeling of satiety. Apples are also rich in silicon and calcium, which have a positive effect on the condition of hair and nails.

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