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Green smoothies – a simple recipe for healthy living

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Over the centuries many different theories about health have been developed, but on one point all experts agree – physical exercise combined with a balanced diet is the best recipe for a quality life, excellent body condition and well-being. A valuable addition to any diet plan are green smoothies, which beneficial action convinces a clinical dietician Katarzyna Błażejewska-Stuhr. Thanks to regular consumption of fruit and vegetable drinks the wife of well-known actor Maciej Stuhr can boast of ideal examination results!

Almost everything has been said about the pro-health properties of fruit and vegetables. However, we do not have to consume them in their traditional form. Home-made green smoothies, which can even be a light breakfast or afternoon snack, are a great alternative. Why do more and more people decide to introduce these drinks to their menu?

Apart from the simplicity of preparation, green shakes are characterized by extremely beneficial effects on our health. This is because they are an irreplaceable source of valuable vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. Thanks to regular drinking of vegetable juices we cleanse our body of toxins, support the process of intestinal cleansing, as well as strengthen the circulatory system and regulate blood pressure. The list of benefits is very long, and this is only the beginning! So it should come as no surprise that experts recommend consuming up to three cups of a green smoothie a day.

Fruit and vegetable concoctions have recently decided to strongly promote via Instagram Katarzyna Blażejewska-Stuhr, certified clinical dietician and psychodietetician. The wife of popular actor Maciej Stuhr offers her followers kale, spinach and parsley juices, thanks to which she herself enjoys impeccable health. “Green smoothies are something so wonderful that I lack words of admiration! I did my tests on Friday and I don’t have a single parameter out of the norm,” Blazejewska-Stuhr wrote on social media.

The recipe for a green smoothie is child’s play, and the effects of drinking this “magical” drink should be noticed almost immediately!

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