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Gluten-free diet – what does it involve?

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More and more people exclude products containing gluten from their daily diet. But is a gluten-free diet just a fad?

Gluten – what is it?

For many people, especially in recent years, gluten is synonymous with evil incarnate. It causes allergic reactions (in allergic people), and in some cases is responsible for the development of celiac disease. It’s a plant protein that can be found in many products. Do you feel digestive discomfort after eating grains or observe a skin rash? Get tested – you may need to exclude gluten from your diet altogether. Learn how to survive on a gluten-free diet and enjoy a wide variety of tasty foods in the text below. Don’t worry, you won’t starve to death!

Products in which you will not find gluten

Every diet is associated with certain dietary restrictions. The difference is that some people voluntarily give up eating products with a certain composition, while others are forced to do so, if only for health reasons. If you are experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms or a recurring skin rash after eating bread, for example, consult a specialist. You may be advised to go on a gluten-free diet.

For many people, the news that they will have to give up such delicacies as bread completely for health reasons sounds like a sentence. How can you imagine breakfast or dinner without tasty sandwiches? There are several ways. What’s more, not only bread is inadvisable on a gluten-free diet. Pasta, groats, bran or flakes made of wheat, rye, barley or oats – all grains with a high gluten content – are products to be avoided. Fortunately, more and more food manufacturers meet the needs of people with celiac disease and numerous food allergies and offer gluten-free products. They are available in general stores and are identified by a graphic with oats crossed out. You can look for gluten-free flour – those who enjoy baking can use it to conjure up baked goods that are completely safe for their health.

UKRYTE ŹRÓDŁA GLUTENU ??Dieta bezglutenowa jest polecana dla osób chorych na celiakię, jak również dla osób…

Opublikowany przez Hit the Fat – Karolina Konopnicka Poniedziałek, 24 lutego 2020

What products is a gluten-free diet based on?

Gluten, as a plant protein, only appears in certain grain products. This means that people suffering from celiac disease can freely use fruit, vegetables and meat. This gives quite a lot of freedom in preparing the daily menu and makes the meals varied. It is important to remember that the diet should be adjusted to the age. It should provide a set of nutrients – only then the body will have a chance to function properly. Products which do not contain gluten include rice, potatoes, soy, buckwheat or corn. You can also eat lentils, chickpeas and beans, however these products are hard to digest and may cause bloating.

How to switch to a gluten-free diet?

First, it’s a good idea to get tested to make sure that gluten is in fact the cause of your discomfort and discomfort in the digestive system. If the tests confirm an allergy to this nutrient, you will basically have no choice but to completely eliminate it from your daily diet. In this case, there is no room for half-measures – even a small amount of gluten can cause a relapse of allergic reactions. In the first stage of the diet, it is also a good idea to limit heavy-digestible products to help the body recover a little. People who have health problems and go on a gluten-free diet should feel better in a relatively short time.

Gluten-free diet – fad or necessity?

More and more people are complaining of ailments coming from the digestive and digestive systems. If someone is allergic to gluten, eliminating it from their diet is the only way to feel better and recover. However, there is no denying that gluten-free diet has become so popular in recent years that even completely healthy people decide to follow it.

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