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4 apps for your phone to help you stay in shape

Are you starting your adventure with sport or looking for innovative support in the workouts you have already started? Then check out the applications described below, which will help you stay in shape, build good habits, monitor your progress and take care of your health. Thanks to them planning, execution and control of the results will become extremely easy, but also very convenient. Check it out and see for yourself.

Application Habits

Everybody has problems with motivation, that’s why it’s a good idea to install on your phone a simple application, which in moments of relaxation will help you mobilize again. The Habits application is a functional program for saving individual tasks and marking already done actions. Create the categories you need, name them and mark every day what you managed to do. The application, based on the data you enter, will create clear graphs showing your progress. This will give you the strength to get on with your training because you’ll feel sorry for the work you’ve already done.

Nike Training Club

Are you looking for a modern program that serves as a virtual personal trainer? Nike Training Club is sure to appeal to you. The application has an extremely extensive database of various exercises, so you’re sure to find workout suggestions that appeal to you. If you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start, choose your goal and wait for the application to automatically generate sets of exercises that fit your needs.

Another very important advantage is that Nike Training Club offers precise exercise instructions, as well as workout videos. Keep in mind, however, that it takes internet data to work – if your current package doesn’t suit you, check out Otvarta’s operator offer reviewed at this link

Running or cycling? Strava

Strava allows you to measure your training results outdoors. It is used mainly by runners and cyclists – including professional cyclists. Professionals choose the premium version offering many advanced features, but for standard use the basic version will work just as well.

All you need to do is download the app to your phone, create an account and choose the sport you will be doing. After connecting to the GPS, you can start your workout. When you’re done, close the session and wait for your performance report to appear – monitor your progress in real time, compete with friends and beat records. It’s also great to get hike suggestions from other users and check your route in detail, including your elevation profile.

Water Drink Reminder

Physical exertion involves loss of water, which is essential for proper functioning of a human being, even more so if you want to exercise regularly and build up your shape effectively. Reaching for a water bottle only when you feel thirsty is usually not enough. Drink more often, but slowly and in appropriate amounts. Not sure how to control it? Use the Water Drink Reminder application, enter the necessary data, find out your needs and monitor your daily progress.

The program is extremely easy to use and meets the needs of users. You have a wide range of sample drinks and capacities at your disposal, but you can also create cups of your preferred liters yourself. So go ahead and use this innovative support that will help you take care of your good body condition and optimal hydration. If you would like to find out more about the latest news, interesting tips and offers from the telecommunications market, please visit

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