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The Importance of Supplementing with B17 Vitamins

How much do you really know about the supplements you’re taking? Most people find that they’re taking many supplements, and most of them don’t even realize it! But more importantly, many people take their supplements without knowing why they’re taking them, or even if they’ll help them at all! Luckily, the benefits of certain supplements are well-documented, so if you know what to look out for in your supplement use, you can feel good about every supplement you take. Take B17 vitamins as an example! Here are some facts about B17 vitamins that might surprise you.

What is B17?

B17, otherwise known as laetrile or amygdalin, is a natural vitamin found in apricot seeds. Its chemical properties are said to be the antithesis of cyanide. The USDA has classified B17 as a naturally occurring pesticide. It can be difficult to get enough B17 in your diet without eating apricot seeds, which can have their own side effects. For this reason, many people supplement their diet with laetrile or amygdalin pills when they are looking for an alternative to chemotherapy and other forms of cancer treatment.

What are the benefits of taking B17 supplements?

B17 vitamins supplement can help to treat cancer or even prevent it. Here are some benefits of taking these supplements: 

  1. They’re natural and organic, which means they’re safer for your body. 
  2. They promote rapid weight loss by increasing the metabolism rate.
  3.  They can be taken as a dietary supplement without being prescribed by a doctor. 
  4. They have no side effects and don’t interact with other medications or supplements you may be taking. 

What foods contain high levels of B17?

B17 is a type of vitamin that occurs naturally in many foods. However, the levels can vary from one food to the next. For example, apricots and oranges are higher in B17 than most other fruits and vegetables. If you want to get the greatest amount possible, try eating about 3 pounds per day. The best way to ensure that you’re getting enough is by taking supplements as well. Keep in mind that this doesn’t replace a balanced diet–it just helps make up for any deficiencies you might have on your own.

How can you get enough B17 in your diet?

It can be difficult to get enough vitamin b-17 in your diet. That’s because it’s found in small amounts in fruit and vegetables. The amount can vary from one plant to the next. And cooking, processing, or preserving food will also affect how much b-17 is available for you to eat. So that means you might have to consume a lot of produce on a regular basis just to meet your needs. And if you don’t like eating raw vegetables and fruits, then it’s not possible at all!

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