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Tasty, healthy, unusual – best cooking techniques at home

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More and more people start to pay attention to their diet and consciously choose their ingredients. A very important role in the context of healthy eating also plays the selection of appropriate cooking techniques. Which cooking techniques are most beneficial to the body?

Cooking techniques are the key to success

Being fit” is one of the longest standing trends among people of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone wants to enjoy impeccable health and great well-being, as well as an attractive appearance. A direct result of this is the growing interest in cooking. We rightly associate healthy eating with choosing the right ingredients. However, cooking techniques are just as important

The way a dish is prepared can have both positive and negative effects on a meal. To gain or suffer from it can be primarily the nutritional value (content of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) or digestibility (the degree to which the ingredients will be utilized by our body). You don’t have to be an expert to see that a selection of cooking techniques is integral to a healthy eating model. Here are some of the most beneficial cooking methods.

Steam and water cooking – healthy and tasty!

Steam cooking has become famous among advocates of healthy lifestyles as a technique in which there is the least loss of nutrients in the food (the raw material) we prepare. What is more, food cooked using this universally popular method is characterized by distinct, clear taste qualities. The food prepared in this way retains its natural color, thanks to which our meal becomes aesthetically pleasing. The icing on the cake is the fact that steam brings out the salt naturally contained in products – so we do not have to remember to add it!

An alternative and equally well-known solution is cooking in water. In this case, unfortunately, we won’t be able to keep all the nutrients – we will lose vitamins B, C and A and mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. However, cooking in water will allow us to prepare easily digestible dishes, which will be easily assimilated by the body

Roasting, stewing, grilling – how to do it?

Roasting, stewing and grilling – for these methods we will need temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius. These techniques are well known to anyone who, to a greater or lesser extent, had contact with cooking food on their own. These popular methods increase the culinary and flavor value of products

Baking gives you the opportunity to prepare a tasty dish in a childishly simple way. No wonder it is a favorite cooking technique of many people. When preparing food in this way, we need to remember only about setting the right temperature. A much more recommended variation of the notorious frying is stewing. After a short frying it is enough to boil the food in a small amount of water and that’s it! It is also impossible not to mention grilling, which we associate so well with meetings in the company of friends. You can also grill at home with an electric grill, which is fast and safe!

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