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What are cleansing diets?

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Diet has a huge impact on how you feel and how you function on a daily basis. Nowadays food is of very poor quality, contains a lot of preservatives and is highly processed. Many factors in the way you eat can make you feel eternal fatigue, heaviness after meals or sudden food cravings. All this can be a symptom of the presence of toxins in the body. We tell you how to get rid of them – learn about cleansing diets

What is a cleansing diet?

Detoxification of the body with the help of a diet is usually a short cycle, lasting several days, in which the diet is drastically changed in order for the body to begin to regenerate and cleanse itself. Detoxification diet is a good solution for everyone, but it is mainly recommended for people with bad eating habits, living in a hurry and consuming large amounts of processed food. A detoxification treatment lasting several days gives the body time to get rid of harmful substances accumulated over the years. Such treatment should be repeated from time to time in order to maintain and improve its effects

How does a dietary detox work?

The human body is a mechanism that cleanses itself automatically. However, this process is often too slow because the human metabolism is not adapted to the pace of life in the world in recent years. The juice diet, which is a several-day diet plan based on juices, is designed to speed up the metabolism and motivate the body to cleanse faster. Due to its liquid form, the stirfood diet hydrates the body and promotes the excretion of toxins along with urine and sweat. The faster metabolism, brought about by consuming a lot of fiber, aids in getting rid of toxins through defecation. A cleansing diet is not a magic way to rid the body of toxins, it is a tool to speed up the process.

Thanks to the dietary supplements contained in juices, they also support the work of the liver and kidneys – natural filters in the body that neutralize harmful substances all the time. Better functioning of these organs also means better mood and more energy. An aspect that also contributes to you feeling light on a juice diet is the substantial caloric deficit provided for in these eating plans. This is a great substitute for very harmful and difficult to go through starvation or “water fasting”. You can order the wonderful and delicious juice diets in a full set for 3 or 5 days through the website

Why use a juice diet?

Since the body naturally cleanses itself, why should it be assisted in doing so? Well, first and foremost, a detox diet is a real booster for your metabolism, making your body excrete far more toxins in a short period of time than it would without the help of a diet. Plus, it’s a phenomenal change from your everyday lifestyle and diet. Fruit and vegetable juices are vitamin bombs, so they will allow you to replenish deficiencies in your body and boost your immunity. Supporting the functioning of the body through regular detox is also a way to regain energy, get rid of the feeling of heaviness after eating, and overcome headaches, migraines, dehydration and constipation.

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